Welcome to my shop!

Pixel Paper Prints

Hello, and welcome to my site!

My name is Belen Martindale and I’m the creator of Pixel Paper Prints’ graphics. I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. For many years, I worked as a designer in the infant and children fashion industry. I specialized in producing “cute things” and have a lot of experience designing prints and patterns. I realized that I could apply my knowledge to graphic design and illustration and share my creations with others. In the spring of 2011, I opened Pixel Paper Prints at Etsy and have greatly enjoyed the experience ever since!

In my shop, you can find a wide variety of clip art sets. You’ll love the way you can take charge of your projects with these easy-to-use elements that can be easily arranged in any way you like. These graphics are unique, created with love and are ideal for the projects you seek to put your heart into.

About my process: When I get started on a new set, my first step is to imagine the characters and elements I want to create. Next, I draw all of these concepts by hand the old-fashioned way using paper and pencil. After that, I digitize them so that they convert each of my original details into digital strokes so that they can be used and reproduced in any number of projects.

I absolutely love crafts! Everything I design is done while thinking about people similar to me...those who like to create, experiment and transform. My hope is that you find graphics in my shop that make you smile and inspire you to create many new things!

P.S. Si lo necesitas, también hablo español!